600 Acres Business Strategy Consulting



600 Acres is a Business Strategy Consulting LLC helping entrepreneurs connect the dots in their businesses. We specialize in creating workflows, systems and processes which offer a consistent brand experience to clients, and offer efficiencies and personalized strategy advice to help businesses thrive long term.


You're a dreamer.

And a doer. But now it's time to uplevel. 

You set up your business, you have clients, and you know there’s room to grow. But you can’t grow strategically without systems and workflows in place.

And then there’s all the marketing things you’re supposed to be doing, right? We’re talking email newsletters, sales funnels, blog content (and then promoting it), Lead Pages, creating opt-ins, and what’s a tripwire product again?!

I know. It feels like #allthethings.

But you don’t have to do #allthethings alone. You’ve reached that point in your business where you can hire the experts to take care of things while you do what you do best. Even if just for a few months, bringing on someone to help you identify inefficiencies, creating systems and processes, and teach you and/or your team to keep these efforts up, may be the ticket you’ve been looking for. After this, you and your team will be a well-oiled machine ready for all that comes its way, so your time is freed up to do the more important things.

Think about how many hours you’ll save.

Instead of all that time spent trying to explain to your graphic designer how you want something done, or fixing a communications nightmare, or digging through blog post after blog post looking up how to integrate Lead Pages with your email provider, what if this was all sorted? How many hours each week would you get back? Maybe five hours, or maybe fifteen! You’d be surprised how many hours you spend not doing what you’re known for. And what’s the benefit in that? Invest in someone who knows how to do these tasks and you’ll find you’ve saved money in the long-run.

Your business is ready to propel forward with the right systems, workflows, and yes, brand strategy. That’s where 600 Acres comes in.


Let's imagine together

  • If you had the content to blog to newsletter to social media workflow down so that it was simply routine each week, imagine all the time you’d save. Not only time, but you’d have a consistent and resource-rich blog and website that will impress potential clients and keep you consistently booked

  • Or slow down, maybe you don’t have all the marketing things in place that you knowww need to and it all seems overwhelming (Which email provider should I choose? Do I really need LeadPages? What exactly is brand strategy?). Plus you’re worried that no one will take on the chaos of thoughts and ideas you have about your brand and convert it into something professional and feels like you. After working together we’ll organize all your thoughts and ideas and convert it into a brand strategy and marketing routine that makes sense for you and your business.

  • Or maybe you’re looking to launch a new product or service soon and you know you should coordinate a real launch, but you’re not sure where to start. I can take you from A to Z on everything you need to market this big deal (because hey, it IS a big deal!). This means you’ll not only successfully launch your new product or service but you’ll do so professionally with all the details covered and dots connected

Luckily, I have never understood the word overwhelm so send me ALL your thoughts and dreams.



  • implement email newsletter marketing 
  • design a launch strategy for a new product or service
  • form a social media strategy to convert customers
  • streamline your blog to newsletter to social media process
  • implement sales funnel strategy
  • create lead pages (landing pages) and integrate them with your email system
  • audit your website navigation and site layout
  • improve overall customer experience
  • audit your current brand and brand strategy
  • create an attractive business plan for investors
  • train your team to run all the marketing efforts efficiently 
  • work on so much more!

Why hire 600 Acres?

We are committed to personalizing your package to fit your needs, not check off some tidy list of projects someone else made. We work one-on-one with each client to make sure you’re propelling your business forward with a strategy that is not only strong, but consistent. There are so many moving parts that make up your business such as marketing, content creation, design, client relations, financials… yes the list goes on. But what if the list could be a little lighter, and you could rely on someone else to create, manage or upgrade your brand to reflect the level of business you already offer?

A business strategist may not be the first hire on your list of needs, but let us explain why it’s imperative to your business’s success. Without a strong and consistent brand, your messages will be mixed and your brand image won’t reflect the same caliber of business you are offering. These are critical aspects to get right when trying to attract not only more, but the right, clients. Let us help you discover and perfect the brand and business strategy behind it that serves you and your business’s needs so that you can keep doing what you do best!

Your business is already amazing, let’s make sure others see it in the same light!


What others say...

Rachel goes above and beyond expectations; she is proactive and takes ownership of projects. She is a natural leader who is great at supporting me and her other teammates. It never ceases to amaze me that with all the challenges I throw her way, she continues to learn and try new things that make the organization better. When I hand Rachel a project, I know that it will get completed by the deadline with minimal supervision. She is unafraid to ask for help and is always offering to support others.
— Reina, Founder and Coach of Reina + Co Life + Biz Success Coaching
Rachel is bright, driven, and a joy to work with. She is self directed and able to take control of all aspects of a project and see it through. It is rare and valuable to find a person who is so creative and analytical both! She created excellent web content for us and added much to our social media marketing. Her work ethic is impressive. Rachel is deeply curious, well organized, productive, and full of ideas.
— Andrea Szyper, Communications Director of Untours Independent Travel Agency
Rachel contributed in invaluable ways when we worked together on a team. She was always the person to dive deeper, ask questions, figure out the problem and then create a workable solution. She always went above and beyond in each thing that she did!
— Lauren Carns, Owner and Designer of Lauren Carns Design and Creative
We were very lucky to have found Rachel. She spent two summers with us on projects that utilized her creativity as well as her analytical and strategic skills. She was able to write an evocative blog on Scotland in the morning and review our Google Analytics stats in the afternoon. She’s able to work independently and completed much of her work without much supervision. At the same time, she worked very well as a team player within the context of our collaborative culture
— Brian Taussig-Lux, President of Untours Independent Travel Agency

3 month intensive

Cappuccino Package - Double Shot, with extra attention

40 hours at $2000 per month

The perfect match for the business ready to uplevel their business completely. Your brand has never been more strong, consistent and supported. Getting ready to launch or rebrand completely? Have you launched but realized you didn’t have strategic sales funnels, lead pages, or an overall strategy set in place? Have you rebranded and now want to interpret that into real strategy? Or do you have a growing team and you want to make sure the systems and workflows are efficient and play to your team’s strengths and minimize the weaknesses? This package will tackle all your strategy needs, from the tiniest of details, to the biggest projects.

Espresso Package - Strong, Reliable and in for the Kick

25 hours at $1250 per month

You’ve got a long list of brand and marketing to-dos and your business needs them done yesterday. From email newsletter templates and email marketing strategy to launch strategy for a new product or service, you have big projects to tackle. Maybe you need to create strategic sales funnels, or have the lead pages for your opt-ins and products looking top-notch. This package is awesome for the business who needs big projects and small projects alike completed.

Ristretto Package - Short, Sweet, and Full of Punch

12 hours at $600 per month

This is the ideal package for the business ready to tackle a few distinct projects. These projects may include creating a social media strategy, designing your email newsletter, an introduction to lead pages, creating systems and workflows for your blog, and so much more. Over three months we can check these important projects off your list, and set your business up for a success!

Send an email to 600AcresLLC@gmail.com or fill out our contact form, and let’s start the conversation! All packages include at least one 1-hour video call per month so that communication is open and clear.

Interested in hiring us for one-off projects such as simply creating email newsletter templates or a brand strategy consultation + analysis report? These projects typically take a minimum of 6 hours for which we charge $349. Email 600AcresLLC@gmail.com to start this conversation!