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Hilary Fox Yoga Instructor

Hilary Fox,


The Growing Room

new private yoga studio looking to cultivate an online presence, increase local consumer awareness and develop a clearer vision for the future

Hilary had a new business and was ready to create her own website, a social media marketing plan and wanted accountability to stay focused.

So she hired Rachel of 600 Acres, LLC. 

Some of the questions Hilary had: 

  • How can I reach more local clients?
  • How can I create a website that looks professional and serves my business needs (without a large marketing budget)?
  • Do I need physical marketing collateral? If so, what do I need and how do I create them?
  • How can I grow my business out of my home?
  • How do I get started on Facebook and Instagram and how do I use it to uplevel my business?
  • What is the importance of online reviews, and do they really make a difference? How do I cultivate positive reviews and where should I suggest people review me?
  • How can I compete and stand out in a saturated market?

During our time together, Hilary started blogging, and became more comfortable with the medium. This resulted in a regular blogging routine, further establishing herself as an expert in the industry. She also learned how to harness the power of a Facebook presence, and speaking to her audience online. She launched a brand new website, differentiating herself from other yoga instructors in the area, with clear branding and copy. Her overall web presence went from nothing to full blown branding within two months.

In addition to her online presence, our strategy sessions allowed her to design a clearer vision for the future of her business, creating smart goals and sub-tasks. Hilary was surprised by:

How quickly things came together when there was that shared focus of attention, intention and effort. Was nice to have someone there by my side to guide the many steps and options along the way

After we created marketing collateral for her to carry, Hilary became more confident speaking to prospective clients, understanding and articulating a strong dialogue selling her services in a professional, on-brand manner.

Top 5 Accomplishments:

  1. Started blogging and became comfortable with the medium

  2. Stronger Facebook and online presence

  3. Confidence speaking to prospective clients

  4. Clearer vision for the future of the business

  5. Created a customized website suiting the needs of my business and clients

Hilary would recommend working with 600 Acres to others stating:

Rachel is easy to work with, flexible, knowledgeable, matched with clear insight to my business and personal goals

Reina Pomeroy, 


Reina + Co

online coach looking to strategize her online marketing, create a consistent brand experience and develop systems and workflows that will scale 


Reina had been in business for 8 months and owned a website and had social media channels set up, but knew there was more she could do to build her brand awareness and implement strategy to her integrated marketing communications. 

So she hired Rachel of 600 Acres, LLC.

Some of the questions Reina had:

  • How can I grow my email list and keep that audience warm?
  • How can we create an email marketing strategy which uses marketing software to target and sell to the right segments?
  • How can I create systems and workflows in my team to have consistent marketing efforts that will scale as we grow?
  • How can we launch a podcast and build marketing efforts around it?




"Rachel goes above and beyond expectations; she is proactive and takes ownership of projects. She is a natural leader who is great at supporting me and the team."



"It never ceases to amaze me that with all the challenges I throw her way, she continues to learn and try new things that make the organization better."

francine covelli case study

Francine Covelli, Nourish Juice Bar + Cafe

An award-winning business in transition from storefront to wholesale production looking to gain investors, create an online presence, and develop a professional business plan for this new stage

Coming soon!